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Mistress Diana and Madame Victoria combine to create a dominatrix experience far beyond the sum of its composite parts. Each wickedly cruel, endlessly creative, and highly skilled in the realm of punishment and discipline, they come together to tailor-make sessions which provide waves of sensory delight. They’ll take turns to revel in psychological and physical torment, and they’ll unlock the opportunity to experience the humiliation, the transformation, and the freedom you crave… whether you truly realise it, or not. To encounter these two powerful women together is to envelop yourself in an overwhelming dynamic; the push-and-pull of a pair of dominas whose imagination knows no bounds, and whose willingness to take you down the rabbit hole of pleasure, pain, and everything in between ensures an adventure quite unlike any other. Let yourself go in a world where all boundaries become limits to be tested, where your body and mind become mere playthings to be toyed with, and where the double goddess awaits her worship.


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